Powers and Abilities in the 616

Adapted from ComicVine with G-Man's permission.


Magneto's mutant powers give him mastery over all magnetic forces. He can perceive the magnetic forces of the earth and bioelectrical patterns of all living beings. He can draw on and use the magnetosphere of the planet, which extends far into space, as well as other planets and the ambient electromagnetic energies found in space. He can use his power to reshape even the most indestructible metals in existence, including Adamantium. (He can create fields of magnetism strong enough to manipulate non-ferrous items as well.) He can control even the most insignificant magnetic particles in the atmosphere and living beings, reversing their blood flow or ripping out any ferrous elements through their tissues. He can even affect the structure of atoms through the electromagnetic bonds between electrons and the nuclei. He has demonstrated the ability to lift tens of thousands of tons with his magnetic powers, although the greater he exerts himself the greater the physical and mental stress. He can erect magnetic force fields with a high degree of impenetrability around himself or others for protection and can fire bursts of magnetic or electrical energy, including very powerful EMP's. Magneto breaks magnetic records with his abilities.

Because of it’s nature, electromagnetism being one of the four Foundation Forces of the Universe (along with gravity, and strong and weak nuclear bonds), Magneto's power is "for all practical purposes limitless". Although Magneto’s primary power is control over magnetism, he can also project and  manipulate electricity as well as any form of energy that is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, including visible light, heat, radio waves, ultraviolet light, gamma rays, and x-rays. He can also manipulate gravitons to create an anti-gravity fields and has created traversable wormholes between two points on this planet. It has been theorized that perhaps Magneto may be living proof of Einstein's "Theory of Everything", otherwise known Unified Field Theory, that all forms of energy are interrelated. However, Magneto relies principally on magnetism since it is somewhat more difficult for him to manipulate other forms of energy.

However, Magneto must channel these fields through his nervous system and if he is injured his ability to channel large amounts of force and wield forces beyond magnetism is greatly hampered. His paralyzation following the events of Eve of Destruction, for instance, left him almost completely powerless. By using his power on vast scales, such as lifting and building Asteroid M, he has frequently overloaded his nervous system, creating a chemical imbalance which some have theorized leads to his megalomaniacial episodes. On a couple occasions he has burned his abilities out completely through overuse, falling back on machines or other mutants to boost his powers until he can find a way to regenerate them.

Magneto also seems to possess some telepathic abilities, though the source of them has been much debated. Magneto has demonstrated the ability to ward off telepathic attacks from some of the worlds most powerful telepaths by force of will alone, it took Professor Xavier and Jean Grey together to wipe Magneto’s mind. Magneto has also exhibited powers of astral projection and has shown himself sensitive enough to pick up on the feelings of others, such as the New Mutants, passively. It is unclear whether this is from a latent telepathic ability or training (such as Dr. Strange has). It has been theorized amoung fans (specifically by ECH2007 of the Marvel boards) that because brainwave's are bio-electric in nature, Magneto may be able to mimick certain affects of telepathy through the use of his electromagnetic powers. In the past he has also claimed to be able to control the minds of others, though it has been a long time since he has claimed this and he cannot seem to do so without technological aid.

Abilites and Skills

Magneto is scientific and tactical genius. He can use his magnetic powers in more than one way simultaneously allowing him to completely assemble a complicated machine within seconds or fight off multiple opponents using different attacks successfully. He is highly skilled and imaginative beyond the realm of normal science in the areas of engineering, genetics, and computer science and posses technology it has been said, “that Reed Richards would envy” from a combination of his own work and that of alien technology (The Stranger, Shi'ar, etc.) he has encountered and assimilated into his own.