Ultimate Universe (1610)

Adapted from ComicVine with permission from G-Man.

Biography: In Earth-1610 Ultimate Magneto's background differs greatly from his mainstream (616) counterpart. Here he was born Erik Lehnsherr. He has alluded to members of his family dying in some sort of genocide, but it is unclear when or where. (It cannot be the Holocaust of WWII as he is too young.) However, it has also been alluded to that he is from a very wealthy and well-connected American family that he has parted ways with. His wife's name was Isabelle, and he is aware from the beginning of his familial relationship with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. He verbally mistreats them, and Xavier has theorized that it is because he regards them as a living reminder of having an inter-species relationship.

This version of Magneto is significantly darker and more cynical than the mainstream version, regarding all humans with utter and unwavering disdain and likening them to "insects". An arrogant zealot who gradually sank deeper and deeper into his self-proclaimed role as Mutant Messiah, Erik Lensherr eventually reinvented himself as Magneto, the leader of the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants and a ruthless terrorist who is willing to kill hundreds in the name of mutant supremacy. On several occasions he has attempted to implement unflinchingly genocidal plans for humanity. He commands a noticeably larger Brotherhood than his mainstream counterpart and he was the one to cripple Professor X.

However, before the end of their association, Xavier and Magneto shared a very intense intellectual friendship. Using his knowledge of technology and genetics, Magneto helped Xavier to create the Savage Land as a mutant utopia. He also created an artificial language called Epsilon-Omega, based on Esperanto and featuring its own script, for mutants to use in the Savage Land, as a rejection of human languages. They even have plays, poetry, and songs in this language.

Magneto was imprisoned following the events of "Return of the King". Aside from a brief mention in the Ultimate Six arc of Ultimate Spider-Man, he was then unseen until "Magnetic North". Magneto was found to have hatched a scheme to escape, utilizing the willing cooperation of Forge and Mystique as well as the unknowing but amicable aid of Longshot's mutation for luck.

Magneto escaped by the end of the arc, leaving Mystique in his cell to impersonate him. He and Longshot exited the Triskelion unharassed and Magneto made it clear to Longshot that he has something different planned than any of his more typical world-domination schemes.

Magneto appeared in the "Aftermath", following the death of Charles Xavier. Magneto had apparently freed Forge from prison, and there are signs that he is building something. With Charles Xavier's death he believed it's time to speed up his plan. While seeming to take pleasure in his friends "death", Magneto also demanded time alone shortly after learning of it. It is possible he mourned him in some odd way.

Most recently, he has appeared to join forces with his son in the wake of the murder of the Scarlet Witch in The Ultimates 3.

Powers: While extremely powerful Ultimate Magneto has not shown he has access to the same scale or range of energies his 616 counterpart has. This may be due to lack of practice rather than lack of physical ability as the 616 Magneto has spent more time working to improve upon his mutant abilties while the Ultimate Magneto has spent more time being a revolutionary terrorist.