What the X-Men Origins: Magneto Movie Should Be

As we all know, two scripts have hit the reviewers so far, both of them focusing on Magneto hunting Nazis.


And as you know, this just doesn’t work. It’s been done, to death, in other films. It doesn’t include the major aspects of the character’s development, nor does it include what fans actually want to see: His friendship with Xavier and its eventual break down. So when one reviewer actually asked his readers what they thought the script should include, I got to thinking.


If I could write the X-Men Origins: Magneto movie, what would it be about?


So here’s what I came up with.


Terrorism is a topic that we read about daily, so we need to connect Magneto, M.U.’s most famous terrorist, to that topic in a way that will make people think about terrorism, its evil and its the causes.


In my extreme layman’s opinion, the most common cause of terrorism is exploitation and the abuses that accompany it. That’s what human beings do: exploit the living hell out of everything. From the Nat Turner rebellion to the Iraq war, in every case, the terrorists were trying to strike at a system that exploited people and natural resources. A government who realized that people with superpowers are running around is not going to keep them all stuck in a lab somewhere for mad scientists to experiment on, they are going to exploit the living hell out of them.


So we are talking either Genosha, a technological “utopia” built on the back of mutant slavery, or better yet: The Hellfire Club. A group of corporations with government contracts and sanction to kidnap and enslave mutants for their own profit. In fact, in both cases governments could be quietly sending either Genosha or the HFC their “mutant problem” in exchange for favorable trade agreements. This become a world wide conspiracy, perhaps even involving the U.N. turning a blind eye to it due to the power of the nations profiting from this trade, including the U.S.


The plot of the film itself would go something like this:


We see Magnus at Auschwitz (January 18-26 1945) throwing bodies into the ovens, while the SS guards look panicked and keep hurrying them up. As Magnus takes the ashes to the burial ground, he hears women screaming. He rushes over to see S.S. guards killing the women they had held behind to help dismantle the camp before the Russian advance reaches them. Magneto rushes over, kills a guard with his own rifle, grabs Magda and runs for it.


*Bam*, Auschwitz covered.


Years later, we see Magnus in Israel, meeting Charles Xavier in the mental hospital. They discover a mutant there (take your pick), and dancing around revealing that they themselves are mutants, they start to care for him/her. The mutant is kidnapped, and the two men give chase (revealing their powers in some actions sequences), stumbling across this trading network of mutants. They rescue a few and return to the U.S. to set up the school. They continue to make waves about what they discover, only to find no one in the government overly concerned, the press stories they help create suppressed, even the U.N. seems deaf to their warnings.


Finally, the school is attacked by U.S. agents, who try to kill the two men. Turns out the U.S. has a hand in this trade after all. Charles is crippled in this attack. Magneto repulses them savagely, killing them to the last man, leaving the bodies on the White House lawn. Charles is appalled, not only by what the government has done, but by what Magneto has done (and perhaps plans to do in retaliation), and the two argue. Charles sees that they have no allies in human governments and decided they must help mutants themselves by making the school a more serious institution. Magneto sees that they have no allies in human governments and, given his own experiences with exploitation and abuse, becomes militant.


But what about Anya and Magda, you ask?


Ah, in order to focus on the real “meat” of the story, I think one could get away with having Magnus tell Charles about them. I’m not entirely sure when to place this scene. Perhaps while they are tracking down the mutant captured in Israel, perhaps at the very end. When Charles is trying to convince Magnus that human kind is not the government and that people need to come to know them. Magnus says something along the lines of “Know them!?! Charles let me tell you a story of a man and his wife…and child.” And Magnero reveals what happened to the woman he rescued so long ago, and how he had saved her life, been her husband, been the father of her child…and she still rejected him because he was a mutant. “It doesn’t matter if they “know us”, Charles. They hate us, fear us. Even those you love will turn from you in horror when they discover what you really are. Mutants will not go meekly into the Gas chambers, we will fight, and we will win.”


Whenever that scene was placed, it'd be one most actors would eat up with a ladle.


The attack by U.S. agents also brings the character full circle, harkening back to the conversation he had with Rogue beneath the statue of Liberty in X1. “There is no tolerance, there is no peace…”


Now doesn’t that sound like a much more interesting story than mad scientists and hunting Nazis ?