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Here you will find a database of all of Magneto's appearances in Marvel Comics, including summaries, writers, story arcs and other issues that tie in, and types of appearances.

The types of appearances are categorized as follows:

~Story Villain: Stories in which he is the main antagonist
~Story Hero: Stories in which he is the main protagonist.
~Anti-Hero: Stories in which Magneto’s role is morally nebulous.
~Cast Member: Magneto has an active role acting as part of an ensemble.
~Guest Appearance: Magneto has a speaking role that has little impact the plot of the current story.
~Appearance: Magneto only shows up for a panel or two with nothing to say, such as flashbacks, being talked about, etc.
~False Appearance: Looks like him, but it ain't. Does not include appearances of Joseph or Xorn.

Magneto has been an integral part of Marvel comics for 45 years, and I am sure I have probably missed an issue or three along the way. If you know of an issue I have missed, please contact me to let me know.