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Q. How old is Magneto?

Given Magneto's encounters with Alpha the Ultimate Mutant and Eric the Red, this question has two answers: His chronological age and his physical age.

Chronologically: Eyewitness stated that Magneto was in Auschwitz "from the beginning". This is confirmed by the manner of his family's death, the Einsatzgruppen operating in Poland in the months following the invasion in 1939, and by the memory Joseph experienced of being a child arriving in Auschwitz on a truck rather than the trains later so famously employed. From the fact that Magnus’ mutant abilities were just beginning to emerge, as well as from his appearance, he was a very young teen when he was sent there, probably between the ages of 11 to 14. 1939 – 11 to 14 = 1925 to 1928. Magneto is now between the ages of 80 to 83.

Addendum: The Magneto Testament Miniseries gives a firm date for Magneto's age in 1935: Nine. So Magneto is now (chronologically) 82 years old.

Physically: Magneto was reduced to infancy by Alpha the Ultimate Mutant in (publication time) 1974, when he would have been in his late 40/early 50’s. Eric the Red would re-age him “to the prime of his life” three years later (publication time) in 1977. At the time of the Trial of Magneto (publication time) 1985, Magneto was medically and legally established to be “…biologically a man in his early 30’s”

Here is where things get fuzzy. Because superheroes can’t grow old at the same rate the people reading about them do (because the most important ones would now all be at retirement age and then some), Marvel has enacted a “Sliding Timescale”, shifting events in the Marvel Universe against “real time” in order to keep their characters seeming “young”. Originally, Xavier served in the Korean War, now it’s Vietnam. Tony Stark first became Iron Man during the Vietnam conflict, now its Gulf War I.

Chronologically, Magneto can not be “slid”. He is locked into the Holocaust. WWII cannot be suddenly shifted to the 1960’s, nor can the Holocaust be removed from Magneto’s character background without completely destroying it. Even sliding his post-Holocaust, pre-Cape Citadel experiences causes problems as instead of being 7 to 10 years older than Xavier when they meet in Israel in the late 1950's, Magnus would be 20-30 years older than Xavier when they meet in the 1970's. (This has created an interesting conundrum where the twins are concerned, but Marvel has adressed this by stating that the High Evolutionary kept the infant twins in suspended animation for a decade or so before adopting them out to the Maximoff's.)

However, everything that happened since he first appeared on panel can be "slid". So by matching his progression in age to that of the original five X-Men (who first appeared the same issue he did) who are just now entering their 30’s, Magneto probably has not aged more than ten years "comic time" since his “rejuvenation” 31 years ago "publication time". Physically he is probably no more than his late 30’s/early 40’s.

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Q. So what's up with the white hair?

Well, now that is a confusing issue.

According to New Mutants #49 and X-Men: Magneto Testament, Max Esienhardt had black hair as a boy. However, when Magneto was reduced to infancy by Alpha the Ultimate Mutants in Defenders #16, as well as his subsequent apperance as a toddler in that time frame in X-Men Vol. 2 #2, and his age regression by Mojo in Uncanny X-Men Annual  #10, he was shown retaining his white hair in child form. His son Pietro apparently was born with his silver hair.

So...artists discretion. *chuckle*

The silver hair is a hallmark of the character and one he has retained in child form before. So unlike many fans assumptions, it is not indicative of his age.

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Q. But, I thought he was a Gypsy?

Magneto has never come out and said "I'm Jewish", but for many years he repeatedly identified with the Jews of the Holocaust, not any other group that was caught up in it.

Most importantly Magnus’ tattoo number (both of them, see below) has no “Z” designation that was used for the Gypsies in Auschwitz. There is also what he did to survive, becoming a sonderkommando as revealed in Uncanny X-Men #274. Only Jews served as sonderkommando in Auschwitz. Then there is the fact that after he gave up the search for his wife, he emigrated to Israel. In Uncanny #199, he takes Kitty Pryde (who is also Jewish) and Lee Forrester to a Jewish Holocaust memorial gathering. He speaks with great affection with the Shulmans and also says he knew Kitty’s great aunt Chava Rosanoff (nee’ Prydeman). All of these are Jewish names of Jewish ex-prisoners. The Gypsies were kept in a separate camp from the Jewish population.

When informed of the mutant massacre taking place in the Morlock Tunnels in Uncanny X-Men #211, Magneto responds, “No! The horrors of my childhood, born again. Only this time, mutants are the victims instead of Jews." When Magneto learns of Doug Ramsey’s death in New Mutants #61, he says, “They are registering mutants like they once registered my people in Poland! Who knows what horrors await us." Only Jews were registered in Poland.

These are the most obvious clues, though there are many hints and references to Magneto's holocaust experiences in Marvel Comics since Uncanny #150.

Then, in 1993 someone got a burr in their saddle that having one of Marvel’s greatest villains be Jewish was a slur on Jewish people. In a move that came completely out of left field, they had Gabrielle Haller announce that she had found Magneto’s secret identity and that he was a “Sinite Gypsy” from Danzig named “Erik Lehnsherr” in X-Men Unlimited #2 (which is othewise a great issue).

Why Marvel didn’t think the Gypsies would protest not just having one, but two of Marvel biggest villains being Gypsies (for Dr. Doom is as well) as a slur is beyond me. Maybe their lobby just isn’t big enough.

In any case, the fanbase responded.


The confusion and protests kept up for a few years until Marvel mercifully stetconned the retcon in X-Men #72 (1998) by revealing the Erik Lehnsherr I.D. as a forgery. As he kills the forger to prevent any one from tracking down his real identity, Magneto says, “I was willing to deny who I was, everything that my family died for, so that I could find one woman, so that I would not be caged again.” Obviously, identifying himself as something other than Jewish else came at some cost to Magnus' pride.

So Magneto is Jewish, and his name is not Erik Lehnsherr.

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Q. What is Magneto's tattoo number?

Magneto's Auschwitz tattoo was originally seen as # "214782" in Uncanny X-Men #161. However, the artist at the time did not realize how the numbering systems at Auschwitz worked and had given Magneto a number too high for him to have been among the first group of Jews to be tattooed there. The number was retconned in Excalibur (Vol. 3) #2 to # "24005".

More information can be found on the numbering systems at Auschwitz here.

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Q. Are his powers physical or psionic?

I don’t know why many bios of Magneto out on the 'net include a variation of this phrase: “Nor is it clear whether Magneto's power is psionic or purely physiological in nature.”

Actually, it is quite clear: It’s physical/physiological.

For a long time, at least since New Mutants (Vol.1) #29, we’ve known that when Magneto is physically injured his ability to wield electromagnetism is dampened and causes him pain. Since Adjectiveless X-Men #2, we've known that overuse of his abilities causes chemical imbalances in his nervous system that drive him mad. In X-Men Unlimited #2, we were gifted with a medical scan which finally gave us the 411.

Magneto routes the Earth’s (or any) EM field through his nervous system, which he then controls by extra connections between his medulla oblogata (his autonomic nervous system) and his pons (sensory information relay between the cerebrum and cerebellum). Everything in Magneto’s physiology is designed to help him manipulate EM forces as well. Electrolyte conduction through is nervous system is enhanced by a high iron count (450% above normal) in his blood, his personal biolelectic field is synchronous to the Earth's electromagnetic field to .003%, and his biolectric activity is projected at seventeen thousand percent above normal. As a bonus: his neural synapse sparking is accelerated to 1450% above normal. This means Magneto has reaction times 14.5 times normal human speed. Yowza!

But unlike mutants like Jean Grey or Storm, where it is all in their heads, Magneto powers obviously derive from his physicality/physiology.

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Q. So is Polaris his daughter or what?

Lorna was first introduced as "The Daughter of Magneto" back in (Uncanny) X-Men #49/50. This however was very shortly revealed to have been a hoax perpetrated by Mesmero and a robot Magneto. Iceman appeared with evidence of the death of Lorna's real parents in a plane crash in issue #52. Lorna's un-relationship to Magnus was later confirmed in Age of Apocalypse (an alternate timeline, not an alternate reality), when Cannonball said that while the insane Lorna thought she was Magneto's daughter "We've done a DNA scan. No match. She's just fixed on Magneto.", a fact confirmed by Dark Beast (Factor X #2).

Then in 1998 Havok was transported to an alternate universe in which Lorna was Magneto's daughter in the Mutant X series. This seems to have sunk into the mind of Grant Morrison and Chuck Austin. Grant Morrison only left a beautifully ambiguous image of Lorna calling out to "Daddy" in the aftermath of the Genoshan Massacre, but Chuck Austin erased the ambiguity in Uncanny X-Men #431. Prompted by Xavier rooting around in her subconscious, Lorna suddenly "remembered" that despite joining the resistence movement against Magneto regime in Magneto: Dark Seduction #4 and Eve of Destruction, she had somehow regained Magneto's confidence, snuck into his private medical lab, stolen a vial of his blood, and sent it off for "blind genetic testing" which revealed that he was in fact her father.

She then broke into the FAA and pulled up the file on the plane crash that killed her parents and found out that the pieces of the wreckage were highly magnetized. When she returned to Genosha to confront Magneto, it turned out that he had known the results of the “secret test” and had informed the populace, who were fawning all over Lorna as soon as she touched down. Before she could even see Magneto, the rogue super-sentinel attacked, wiping out most of the Island’s population.

Despite having conversed with Lorna only a couple hours prior to meeting up with Magnus, Xavier never brought her up while they worked together during Excalibur Vol. 3. Nor did Magnus. Magnus has never mentioned it on panel. At all. Ever.

For the time being, Marvel is marketing Lorna as “Magneto’s Daughter”, but to be honest, it really doesn’t done a thing for either character. Lorna was especially negatively affected as when she was not bat-shit crazy, all she was was Magneto's mouthpiece. Magnus already has the difficult relationship with the twins to deal with and angst over, especially as they are the children he had with the love of his life. And the last thing Lorna needs to is be linked at the hip to yet another male character or, what would happen putting her next to such an overbearing character like Magneto, shoved into a male character’s shadow. I'm hoping for a retcon which would be very easy to accomplish by saying Magneto made it up, trying to gain Lorna’s loyalty while he was paralyzed following the events of Eve of Destruction.

Another possible scenario proposed by Monte_Cristo of the CBR forums that almost works given continuity is that Polaris is a clone manufactured from Magneto's DNA by Sinister. Magneto saw Sinister in the camps, but avoided him (Excalibur Vol. 3 #7) However, Dr. Mengele worked with the Sonderkommando, so it is possible a sample of Magnus' tissue fell into Sinister's hands. That would make Lorna a "pre-Maddy", which makes sense as Maddy's mutant abilities were activated artificially as well. It fits Magnus' lack of fartherly behavior (or at least as fatherly as he got with the Twins) towards Polaris and how he knew the results of the DNA test in advance. The only hitch in that scheme is the "she is not Magneto's daughter" assertion from AoA.

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Q. Does his helmet block telepathic attack?

No. That was a convention created for the movies. Magneto seems to have some “natural” resistance to telepathic intrusion, and over time his force of will has augmented his natural and learned telepathic defenses. In the past, Magneto has also shown himself capable of Astral Travel and passive empathic sensitivity.

Before Magnus was “Magneto”, when Charles Xavier first met Magnus in Israel in Uncanny X-Men #161, he could not read Magnus’ mind. (That was Charles’ first tip off that Magnus was a mutant like himself.)

Without his helmet, he has been able to hold off the telepathic attacks as strong as Xavier and Jean Grey combined (X-Men Vol.2 #25). Dr. Druid's estimation of this ability was shown in X-Men vs. the Avengers #1, "It is done Avengers, though it took considerable effort to mentally mask my presence from him. Magneto has a strong mind. I can't keep him enthralled for long."

Charles was able to track Magnus and communicate with him telepathically over vast distances, but he was not able to enter Magneto’s mind unless Magnus let him. Magnus was able to stop Xavier from tracking him by altering the Earths EM field in Uncanny X-Men. This lead one to the theory that Magneto “telepathic” abilities may in fact be a facet of his electromagnetism control, as the human nervous system is an electro-chemical system and ergo open to manipulation. He may not be telepathic so much as his control over electromagnetism can mimic some aspects of telepathy.  However, it is obvious from the comment of several telepaths that Magneto's force of will factors a great deal into his ability to resist telepathic intrusion. In X-Men Vol. 2 #2, the Cortez-jacked Psylocke comments "The FORCE of the man! I only have an edge because I caught him off-guard. Under normal circumstances, at my normal levels, I doubt I could come even close to hurting him."

During the Silver Age, Magneto did install technology into his helmet which allowed him to control other’s minds. This was seen in (Uncanny) X-Men #18, and again the X-Men vs. Avengers miniseries in 1987. However, there is no hint or statement in the 616 that Magneto inserted tech into his helmet to block telepathic attacks, nor has he ever seemed concerned when his helmet is removed in a telepath’s presence.

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Q. Is Magneto an Omega?

Ugh, bother me not with the Omega fanwank. Marvel has never officially released a description of what defines an “Omega Class Mutant”, so there really isn’t much point in discussing it. He's damn powerful, mm'kay?

I will say this: Magneto has manipulated EM forces on a near planetary scale, and on the subatomic scale.  On two occasion’s Magneto has partially discorporated on panel. In Uncanny #275 when Zaladane was stealing his powers, Magneto went from being built like a football player to being built like, well, a Holocaust victim. When he regained his power, he regained the mass. It happened again in Adjectiveless #3 when all of Cortez power boosts began to wear off, he started to discorporate.

(It leads one to wonder if while he is utterly jacked up on EM energy if he actually eats, or is he just simply living on power?)

There is also the matter of his and Toad's return from the Stranger’s homeworld “riding a beam of magnetic energy” in Avengers #47. It is not shown how he did it, but the only way he could have gotten there within minutes was by transforming into energy and returning at greater than light speed.


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Q. How many times has Magneto died?

Magneto has been assumed dead on many occasions, seven or eight I believe, but his reappearances were always due to miraculous escapes or simply clawing his way out of situations which would have killed anyone else.

If he has actually died, it was only during the Genoshan Massacre. The fact that he emerged from it with his spine repaired indicates something very wierd happened there and all signs point to Wanda as the one that revived him, perhaps without even knowing it. As Dr. Strange said in House of M #7, "Did you create your father as well? I heard rumors of his death last year, and then somewhat puzzling rebrith before this became...what it became. I wonder, was that you as well? How long have you been playing with the world?"

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Q. But what about Onslaught?

Onslaught was created when Xavier absorbed Magneto's rage when he wiped Magneto's mind in X-Men #25, the Fatal Attractions story arc. The rage combined with Xavier's repressed frustrations and became independant the psychic entity Onslaught. Magneto had nothing to do with Onslaught or his actions beyond being one of his psychic "parents".

Yes, Magnus and Charles spritually had a (not so) little psionic world-conquering child. *chuckle*

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Q. What about Xorn?

Grant Morrison always intended for Xorn to be Magneto in disguise. However his treatment of the character was not based on the anything on the comic books, but created as an attack on Ian McKellen’s portrayal in the films.

"What people often forget, of course, is that Magneto, unlike the lovely Sir Ian McKellen, is a mad old terrorist twat. No matter how he justifies his stupid, brutal behaviour, or how anyone else tries to justify it, in the end he's just an old bastard with daft, old ideas based on violence and coercion. I really wanted to make that clear at this time."

Yet there is no way to reconcile what Morrison did with the character with 40 years of characterization in the comics, especially as he has been written since 1974. The drug use, the pedophilia, and most importantly, the herding 5,000 people into “crematoriums” (which just goes to show that Morrison was not only ignorant of comic book history, but real history as well). As pointed out here, Magneto is not, nor has he ever been, genocidal. He has not even engaged in segregation in the countries he has ruled, even Santo Marco back in the Silver Age. Quite frankly, I think he would rather die than reenact the “Final Solution”. And that is what we saw in New Avengers #20 when he thought Xorn was going to take over his body, he asked the Avengers to kill him.

Ergo, Marvel retconned Planet X (which should have never gone to print in the first place) within weeks of its conclusion, saying that Xorn was Xorn, gone mad on drugs/John Sublime into deluding himself he was Magneto and that the real Magneto had never left Genosha. This makes more sense in terms of Magneto's character. For as long as he has struggled to gain a foothold for mutants in the world, why would Magneto leave Genosha, a legal possession, to go slumming in China when there were still survivors, his people, left alive in his country? It makes far more sense for him to stay on the Genosha and help rebuild than it does for him to abandon it and pretend to be someone else.

Not to mention, how would Magneto have hidden out in the same house as Wolverine and Professor X for a year without either of them noticing?

Joe Q. and Marvel did right in this instance, retconning what was clearly an ill conceived and malicious story arc in order to reestablish the character as he had been for 40 years of Marvel history.

Ergo, you will not see Xorn mentioned much, if at all, on this site.

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About Me

Q. What's your deal then?

Back in 1984, I was handed New Mutants #18 by a school mate. It took a little while to find a comic book shop to feed my new interest, but by 1985 I was hooked on the New Mutants and Uncanny X-Men. This was during Magneto's Reformation Period and shortly thereafter he joined the team and became Headmaster of the New Mutants. Magneto intruiged me from the start as a character who was intelligent, passionate, eloquent, flawed, and yet brave enough to try to make a major life change, to redeem his past crimes despite the continuing abuse he recieved from the rest of the super-hero community.

As time has passed, my interest in the X-Men and the character has grown. (Though obviously I am an "old school" Claremontonian and have a bias in judging current comics by that height of the Bronze Age. Ergo: Whedon's Astonishing X-Men = Awesome! Brubaker's Uncanny X-Men = Teh suck.) Sometimes the writing itself drove me away and I would drop out of collecting entirely for years at a time, Marvel characters always brought me back and I would spend years catching up on what I had missed. This chracter has especially drawn me back to the X-Men time and again.

But my enjoyment of comics is not confined to the X-Verse. I also read JMS' Thor with the same delight  I read Walt Simonson's run with back in the 1980's, Neil Gaiman's Sandman (still read the TPBs over and over) and Willingham's Fables from Vertigo, Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman (in short, Gail Simone titles) from DC, The Red Star from Archangel Studios, and Adam Warren's Empowered. My bookshelves also contain major comic "events" like The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, The Killing Joke, Arkham Assylum, V for Vendetta, Marvel 1602, The Trial of Galactus, Daredevil: Born Again, Frank Miller's 300, and others.

Other than being a comic book fan, I am a (returning) college student double majoring in History and Anthropology with the intent to enter a Maritime Studies program.

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Q. Why in Gawd's name did you do all this?

Aimee, the html wizard who does the coding and graphics as well as keeps a weather eye out for news stories, found this domain shockingly unoccupied and notifed me immediately when she snapped it up. At first, what with college work and all, I was hesitant about creating and maintaining and entire site about Magneto. I'm supposed to have sensible priorities, yeah? However, after getting into yet another "He isn't genocidal!" argument, I thought is would be nice to have a home for a "standard response". And if I was going to go that far, and people were willing to go far enough as to read it, I might as well go all the way and provide people who are interested in the character a resource to learn more about him and his 45 year history in comics.

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Q. So are you nuts or what?

Yeah, probably.

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Q. Why don't you call him "Erik"?

Because as explained above, that hasn't been his real name for 10 years.

As we have recently learned, Magneto's real name is "Max Eisenhardt", which I like far more than "Erik Lehnsherr". IMO opinion "Erik" never suited him and apparently, according to a number of people (including ian_karkull on scans_daily and yes, Rivka Jacobs), Lehnsherr is not even a German name, let alone a Jewish or Roma one.

"Max Eisenhardt" is a nice name of someone who is "just a guy" (notably a Jewish guy as this is a real Jewish name), yet still feeds into the tropes of the character: "M" and "Iron".

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Q. Did you steal Rivka Jacobs' research?

No, I did not.

I regret the need to address this petty dispute in front of fans who want nothing more than to enjoy comic books, but Ms. Jacobs has (to sound horrifically pretentious) impugned my intellectual honor,  something which, as an academic, I prize. Since I cannot call her out for pistols at dawn, I must resort to this. As she has already followed me onto two message boards to make these spurious accusations, I feel I must make a standard rebuttal here lest yet another community be disrupted by this childish fight.

First of all, she never contacted me privately to express concerns that I may have plagiarized her work. Instead after she and I got into a debate over various protrayals of Magneto in the CBR forums, she then followed me onto the Marvel.com boards to accuse me of stealing Alara Rogers work. Ms. Rogers kindly cleared up that issue. Ms. Jacobs then followed me onto scans-daily where she accused me of stealing her own research in proving that Magneto was Jewish. I stole it "whole cloth", apparently, including her "style".

I began by reading the New Mutants in 1984 and quickly included the Uncanny X-Men in my pull list. Becoming a particular fan of the character, I, like so many other fans of characters, paid attention to stories he appeared in. Possessing a memory, like many fans, I remembered those issues. I, like many others, read the number of times Magneto identified with the Jews of the Holocaust and assumed Magneto was Jewish. If it had not been for the confusion created by the single issue of X-Men Unlimited #2, no fan would have thought otherwise. Quite frankly, saying I plagiarized her for saying "Magneto is Jewish" is rather like accusing a fan of plagiarism for saying "Superman is from Krypton" or "Batman's parents are dead". Claremont wrote it. Marvel published it. It's right there in the comics.

(And I think if I can put together a list of Magneto's feats by myself, I certainly can put together a list of the times he referred to his background all on my very own. And that's nothing. You should see the work I am doing on the General Issue Database for this site and the Excel spreadsheets for my personal comic book inventory. Yes, I'm that kind of person.)

Being a person with an interest in history from a family of history majors, one of the character's biggest points of appeal is that he is tied into real historical events. I enjoyed (if one can be said to "enjoy" such a topic) reading about the Holocaust to see how Magneto's experiences matched up with real life. In Uncanny #274, Magneto told us what his job was in Auschwitz. "...I carted bodies by the hundreds, by the thousands, from the death house to the crematorium, and the ashes to the burial ground." Claremont told us that he was a sonderkommando in everything but name. All I had to do was read a book on the Holocaust, in this instance "Auschwitz: A Doctors Eyewitness Account" (kindly lent to me by my school library, always got to put in a plug for libraries) and learn that the men who did this job belonged to a group of prisoners called the "Sonderkommando". How the Sonderkommando helped other prisoners, as characters stated Magneto did in Uncanny X-Men #199, was described in that book.

(Wikipedia has also used that book for their article on the Sonderkommando. I wonder if they are next on Ms. Jacob's hit list.)

In New Mutants #61, Magneto spoke of the Mutant Registration Act and how it was "...like they once registered my people in Poland." All that was needed to use that page as one more support for the idea that Magneto was Jewish  was a check to see if the Nazi's registered any other groups in Poland. And by crosschecking sites like United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and The Florida Center for Industrial Technology, the Jewish Virtual Library, as well as numerous timelines of the Holocaust, one finds that low and behold, they did not. Gypsies were registered in Germany before the invasion of Poland in 1938, but as far as the evidence I dug up, they were not registered in Poland. Even when many of them entered the camps, their names were not recorded.

Apparently, Ms. Jacobs feels that before 1998, no one but she knew Magneto was Jewish. No one but she could possibly have known about the issues in which Magneto talked about his past or when he identifies with the Jews of the Holocaust. (Typical accusation: "You didn't have the list of books that Magneto appeared in, nor the references to his Jewish identity. You had to get them from me..." Typical rebuttal: "Ignoring the fact that I have been collecting for 24 years, I suppose you are going to run off and accuse sites like ComicVine of plagiarizing your research.") And despite the fact that Magneto described what he did in the camps, telling us his job in everything but name, no one but she could have possibly figured out that Magneto survived Auschwitz by becoming a sonderkommando. Apparently, no one reads Holocaust histories but her, and no one saw even Schindler's List to understand how the Jews were forced to register by the Nazis.

In fact, despite the fact the she admitted that her information on Auschwitz tattoos differed from mine (which I also obtained from the Unitized States Holocaust Memorial Museum website, which I cited above, which is literally the first site that comes up when one googles "Auschwitz tattoo numbers"), she continued to maintain that stole everything from her.  

When requested, she could not provide the name of the book she got her information on the numbering systems at Auschwitz from. In fact when repeatedly challenged to provide proof of her assertions, to point to facts that I "...couldn't possibly have gotten any other way" but from her, or to quote text from both our works to illustrate how I had stolen her work, she refused. Instead repeating the vague accusations that I was a thief and a "liar" and petulantly demanding over and over and over...and over, cut and pasting from one post to the next, "...an apology, a link to my FAQ, and a citation acknowleging my work."

I apparently also stole her "style". All one has to do is read my "But I thought he was a Gypsy"  question above and then her Magneto is Jewish FAQ and see that charge is patently ridiculous.

Finding no purchase in her argument, she then accused me of antisemitism and threatened to bandy about my real name (which she obtained from lurking on a writers site and obtaining it from my correspondance with him).

She then went on to say: "You owe a LOT of people an apology. You are a black hole on every forum, every message board. Everything's fine as long as you get your way, as long as you can control completely the message and keep yourself as Queen Bee. " and in another post, " You want to control all information about Magneto, he's your "man." Fine."

Folks, I do have strong opinions, and I am not afraid to state them and debate them. However, I have never tried to stop others from stating their own opinions, nor do I engage in personal attacks or witch hunts in an attempt to shut people up. I encourage others to state their opinions as strongly as a state my own. That is, after all, a part of what the internet is for.

As you have seen on this website, from the opening page to the numerous links within the articles (including links to Rivka's article about Magneto's psychology because we came up with similar ideas), to theories and information within this very FAQ, as well as credit for the icons, wall papers, etc., I have no problems acknowledging others' hard work and ideas. I even got permission to borrow my own work back from ComicVine.

And you know what? If any of you want to borrow my work, my research, my ideas, in a discussion about Magneto or Marvel Comics, feel free. I honestly don't freakin' care. (I only ask if you are going to gank the icons, wall papers, and winamp skins, you credit their creators.) I'm not going to race all over the net trying to be proprietary about what I wrote about a character that belongs to Marvel Comics. It's a comic book character, and I do this stuff for fun. Because that is what comic books are supposed to be: Fun.

So please folks, always remember to have fun.

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