Personal Notes: Many Thanks

Posted by (kiplingkat) on Feb 08 2009
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Hello kind and faithful readers!

First of all, I would like to extend my deepest thanks to everyone who sent condolences to my family and myself. My father died of complications due to cancer. He decided to discontinue treatment in order to avoid years of torturous treatments with little hope of a positive outcome. The family gathered (for the first time in ten years) in order to say good-bye and it was good, filled with both tears and laughter.

He was an Ex-Naval pilot who looked like a cross between Clint Eastwood and Tommy Lee Jones. Yet for all that and his New England cynicism, he was a very intelligent, gracious, and honorable man. Friendly, open, a wry sense of humor, and just a nice guy. Not "nice" in a simpering way, just a man that everyone liked and respected: A good man. The best example of this was when he was in the Navy, he found himself one evening in a bar in the Med translating drink orders for the French Foreign Legion into Spanish for the bartender. He also belonged to a mostly Muslim online astronomy group (I have no idea how he stumbled into that) and became friends with many of them. Honestly, he was the kind of guy if you dropped him in the middle of Afghanistan and came back two weeks later, he would have been adopted by a local tribe, without ever giving up who he was. Amoung the many lessons I learned from his example, he taught me that a guy doesn't have to be a dick to be a man.


My father has long been an inspiration and comfort to me, and in his death he continued to be so keeping his sense of humor and upbeat personality to the very end. If I can meet my end with half the grace that man did, I will consider it a mark of my success as a human being.

Unfortuntally, when I got home I found that Rutger, one of my dogs, had become extremely ill. Despite a week of treatment, he simply got worse. He was 18, and my vet said, "We've already gotten two or three miracles out of him in the last couple years. It's not fair to ask him for another." As he had never come back 100% from each of his recent illnesses, and this one promised to be a very long hard struggle with his quality of life vastly reduced at the end of it, I let him go quietly into the night.

Rutger was a remarkable dog for his breed, mellow, friendly, a charmer that knew who to work the cute. A lap dog who enjoyed being treated like a "real dog". He was my constant companion for 18 years. (My trip to father's side was the first time I had traveled without him in 12 years.) His loss so soon after my father was especially difficult.

So all your kind wishes, with support of my friends on the boards and Aimee my partner in crime, has been invaluable. Thank you all.

But now I am back, while it may still be a while before we get any new Analysis up and probably longer for the site re-design, I hope to have the Issue Database up in a few weeks. In the meantime, I will recommence with news articles and other Magneto-related activities.


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