Sequel to Magneto Testament Announced

Posted by (kiplingkat) on Nov 23 2008
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From the Newsrama coverage of the Dublin City ComicCon.


Well, day one of the con is over. Had a great chat with Dan Slott about how She-Hulk would have gone if he'd continued. And CB Cebulski held the annual Pint o'Joe panel. Unfortunately he didn't have any presentation, as his laptop crashed, but he did give some news:

  • New Avengers: The Reunion. He didn't say much about this, just that it was on the way in spring.
  • There are more Skrull reveals on the way
  • Marvel Breakout is a new anthology series which will have art by the 12 finalists of Chesterquest. Also Marvel Comic Presents is coming back as Astonishing Tales.
  • War of Kings will be a 6 issue mini series. There will be a few spin offs after it's finished, including an Inhumans series and a Darkhawk series, which won't be written by Cebulski. Not clear if these are ongoings or minis.
  • Marvel now have the worldwide rights to the Soleil series, and this applies retrospectively. So those Soleil books that were previously only available in the US will soon be available worldwide
  • There will be a Punisher Noir series.
  • CB didn't elaborate that much, but I get the feeling that there will be a NEW series about some MUTANTS some time soon.
  • Magneto Testament will get a sequel
  • No big Secret Invasion/Civil War type event next summer, but a few smaller ones. War of Kings being one and another Bendis event around October/November.

That's all that pops into my head for now. CB Cebulski was great, answered all questions as much as he could, but understandably there were some he didn't have much info on. Such a shame that he didn't have his presentation though, the art in last year's panel was great!

And I asked Dan about the chances of She Hulk appearing in any other Marvel books. There's a chance she MIGHT be, and I RECKON he hopes to resolve one or two long running plot points... *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*. Other than that, trying to get info from him was like getting blood form a turnip... I can confirm that Electra is NOT on the Mighty Avengers team though...

Day two tomorrow, there's a 2 hour Marvel Comics Panel, followed by a live Lying in the Gutters, so I'll let you know how those go.

Webmistress Commentary: "Punisher Noir", isn't that a little redundant?

Anyway, well. Hrm. My reaction on this is very mixed. On the one hand Magneto Testament is by far the best thing Marvel is publishing this year. On the other a badly done sequel could be a massive let down and tarnish the orginal minseries reputation. If Marvel is not going to use the same creative team, they will have to choose a new team very VERY carefully.

Most imporant, I also hope they take the same approach of weaving Magneto's story around real historical events. Magnus the Mossad Agent running around during the 6 Day War could be quite fun to read.

My other concern is that the miniseries will focus on telling the story of Magnus's marriage and the night Anya' died and Magda abandonded him. The story of that night has been told at least six times. That's enough.

On the other hand, there are more "blank pages" in Magneto's lifetime I would love to see.

The big gaps are:

~Between the night Anya died and when he met Charles in Israel. We have seen nothing of that.

~Between Charles and Magnus parting ways and (Uncanny) X-Men #1. In that time period we only have "I, Magneto" in Classic X-Men #19 and Generation X #9 in which we saw Magnus using his intelligence contacts to use Interpol agent Sean Cassidy to hunt Arkady Rossovich (before they became Magneto, Banshee, and Omega Red respectively).

Both those time periods interest me a great deal. It would be nice for them to give a full story behind Generation X #9, which everyone has forgotten but left a lot of tantalizing clues. (I think it was also very lightly hinted at from the get-go in Uncanny that Magnus and Sean knew each other as well.) Magnus years in intelligence (so long as it is not entirely focused on hunting Nazi's, bor-RING!) would be very interesting because that was the last step in Max's transition into "Magneto: Global Mutant Terrorist."

However Max's journey looking for Magda, giving up his identity, giving up his faith, and finally giving up finding her, could be a very dramatic story as well in the right hands.

Also, Charles and Magnus' friendship has been outlined in Uncanny #161 and touched on again during Legion Quest, but I do think it would be illuminating to get a more in depth look at their friendship (why they are friends), rather than doing what most writers do with that pair: Going over and over their conflict (why they are enemies). But then I am the fan that would love a minseries of the two of them just sitting around talking. 

Like I said: Mixed reaction. Excited, yet biting my nails.

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