Well, Nuts. It looks Like We Jumped the Gun: Sequel to Magneto Testament Only "Possible"

Posted by (kiplingkat) on Nov 24 2008
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From Newsrama again, scan down for C.B. Cebulski's post:

Thanks for a great round-up of the panels. I appreciate you coming! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yourself at the show.

 Just to clarify a few things, some of these quick hit news bits were not confirming or announcing new books or projects. I prefaced my responses to certain questions with words like "possibly", there's been talk of...", and "we've discussed possibly publishing a sequel to...". NEW AVENGERS: THE REUNION and MARVEL COMICS BREAKOUT were the two official announcements, all other points were speculation at this stage.

And though not reported here, but rumored elsewhere, one thing I DID NOT SAY was the Iron Fist was in any danger of cancellation. I don't know where this came from. In speaking of overall low comic sales, I did make the comment that given the positive buzz, word-of-mouth and critical acclaim that the book has constantly received, I'm always surprised it's not selling better. This no way implied it was under-performing or in any danger. Not the case at all!

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